Woodlawn Vendors

Lil’ Starts 

Located on a lil’ 1 acre urban homestead in NE Portland, Lil’ Starts uses permaculture and biodynamic principles to grow clean, healthy produce and robust, productive plant starts for local farmers markers, restaurants and their two CSA programs.

Owners Luke & Lillian Klimaszewski wholeheartedly believe in sustainable and natural growing methods. That’s why they only use non-GMO seed stock and their plants and produce are free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Lil’ Starts makes their own soil mix and feeds their plants compost, locally sourced manures and plant and fish teas they ferment on their farm. These earth honoring practices, along with a good dose of community and love, ensure the best conditions for healthy, thriving plants.

ZK Flowers


ZK flowers features locally grown, fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Check out their rotating spread of Pacific Northwest flowers.

Bishop and Son’s/Swee Dee’s

Swee Dee’s specializes in homemade baked goods. Their cakes, pies, breads, and homemade ice cream are worth a taste! They enjoy being out in the community and meeting our fellow neighbors.

Just V Natural

Just V Natural makes products that will resurrect your skin back to a healthy life by using naturally resourced ingredients and only the richest quality of Shea Butter and Black African Soap that Ghana has to offer. We don’t waste money on fancy packaging, it’s whats inside the package that matters. Just V Natural customers are like cousins, so please, join our family and start living a Just V Natural life today!

Just V Natural is about going back to basics, it’s about being able to connect with every ingredient in each product. We promise to always keep things simple, you’ll never have to wonder what’s inside your jar. 

Scratch Meats

Handmade fresh sausages made from scratch by us in North Portland! We deliver traditional, ethnic and seasonal sausages made with sustainably sourced meat and produce from local farms. We use absolutely no preservatives. Our product can only be found at farmers markets.


So Simple Shave Ice & Fresh Syrups

So Simple Shave Ice is a unique take on a classic treat. Simple syrups infused with fresh, local ingredients are poured over finely shaven ice, sometimes topped with cream. Enjoy a refreshing treat, smile, and savor a moment with good people.

Able Farms

Able Farms is over 3 acres of livestock, vegetable, and fruit production grown with the goal of sustainability and a vision of having the foods that feed our community originate from self-sustaining agricultural systems.  We maintain a food-justice focus by following organic farming practices, humanely treating our animals, and involving our community in workshops and dinners.

Able Farms is offering fresh eggs from their farm for the 2018 Market season.


Aloft Kombucha Tea

Craft-brewed in Portland, Oregon, ALOFT Kombucha Tea is made in small batches using the finest local ingredients available. We fuse time-honored brewing techniques with irreverent modern flavor profiles to produce the ultimate refreshment.

Girl Scouts of Oregon & SW Washington

Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington serves members throughout Oregon, and Clark and Skamania Counties in Washington. We’re the preeminent leadership development organization for girls. And with programs from coast to coast and across the globe, Girl Scouts offers every girl a chance to practice a lifetime of leadership, adventure, and success.

Golden Valley Meat Company

Golden Valley Meat Company raises grass fed beef with no antibiotics or growth hormones. Their goal is to bring the highest quality meat to the market and to support a healthier life style by knowing what is in your meat and where it came from.

Helios Farm

Welcome to Helios Farms, the home of the original Single-Moo Milk™ and delicious soy-free eggs and meats! Join our farm share owner community and you gain access to healthy, local food supply. Once you buy shares in our livestock, we deliver your healthy, nutrient-dense foods weekly, and encourage you to participate in our vibrant and knowledgable farm share community. Helios Farms uses chemical-free farming practices that you will feel good about supporting, learning, and being a part of. We love sharing the fruits of our labor and engaging our farm share owners, delivering milk and eggs weekly to your drop point, and working with you to harvest your chicken, pork, and beef to fill your freezer! When you become a farm-share owner in Helios Farms, you will have opportunities to participate in traditional farm and butchery experiences, and you will be delighted with each delivery of your farm share treats. Yum! We are grateful that you recognize healing is possible through pure food from your community-supported farm!

Joey’s Pickles

Joey’s Pickles is a local NE Portland pickle company located in the Woodlawn Community, specializing in dilly beans, and pickled cucumbers and onions. Our mascot and number #1 fan is Joey the senior dachshund. He loves to taste-test all of our creations and approves of every product we create.


Nunzie’s is a seasoning blend for cooking New Orleans-style red beans and rice, created by a New Orleans native in Portland, OR.

Rainbow Produce

Rainbow Produce Farm is dedicated to growing only Organic vegetables and greens in vast variety.

Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters

Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters is passionate about people, place and coffee. We are working to align these three values in every aspect of our company every day. We want to see our community flourish and believe that coffee is a great way to see that happen.

Wyld Bread

Wyld Bread is a small-batch bakery specializing in naturally leavened (sourdough) bread and baked goods made with locally sourced, organic whole grains and ingredients!

Yolkan Farm

Yolkan Farm is a sustainable, pesticide free farm that utilizes organic practices.

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