Woodlawn Vendors

ZK Flowers


ZK flowers features locally grown, fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Check out their rotating spread of Pacific Northwest flowers. They grow and manage all of their flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Bishop and Sons

Swee Dee’s specializes in homemade baked goods. Their cakes, pies, breads, and homemade ice cream are worth a taste! They enjoy being out in the community and meeting our fellow neighbors.

Just V Natural

Just V Natural makes products that will resurrect your skin back to a healthy life by using naturally resourced ingredients and only the richest quality of Shea Butter and Black African Soap that Ghana has to offer. We don’t waste money on fancy packaging, it’s whats inside the package that matters. Just V Natural customers are like cousins, so please, join our family and start living a Just V Natural life today!

Just V Natural is about going back to basics, it’s about being able to connect with every ingredient in each product. We promise to always keep things simple, you’ll never have to wonder what’s inside your jar. 


Nunzie’s is a seasoning blend for cooking New Orleans-style red beans and rice, created by a New Orleans native in Portland, OR.

Rainbow Produce

Rainbow Produce Farm is dedicated to growing only Organic vegetables and greens in vast variety.

Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters

Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters is passionate about people, place and coffee. We are working to align these three values in every aspect of our company every day. We want to see our community flourish and believe that coffee is a great way to see that happen.

Yolkan Farm

Yolkan Farm is a sustainable, pesticide free farm that utilizes organic practices.

Dos Hermanos Bakery

Dos Hermanos Bakery is a hand-made, artisan bread company. We make European-style bread with some fusion of Mexican pastry and bread to share our roots.

Alchemy Elixers

Alchemy Elixers are dedicated to offering medicinal plants, roots and mushrooms in tasty nutritious beverages and food. Our offerings include elixirs, smoothies, teas, local salad, hummus platter, chia pudding and vegan cheesecakes.

Bozorth Beverages

Located in Portland, OR, Bozorth Beverages started making handcrafted soda as a homebrew-alternative for our friends who weren’t as much a fan of beer. Before too long, though, we refined our ginger-beer soda recipe to the point where it was more in demand than our homebrew. Since then we’ve converted our recipe into a more versatile concentrated syrup form. This allows for making your own soda to taste, or for use as a mixer or in food recipes.

Craving Bubble Waffle

Craving Bubble Waffles brings you delicious Hong Kong-style Bubble Waffles and Lollipop Waffles that will satisfy your cravings of something sweet. If you love Nutella this is the right place for you!

Doggie Zoom Zoom

Based in Milwaukee Oregon, Doggie Zoom Zoom, LLC is committed to offering high-quality, grain-free, all-natural, and CBD treats for your four-pawed family member. Doggie  Zoom Zoom was formed from a loving passion for dogs. We have three of our own. We have Chase, the Lab mix, Posey is a mini Australian Shepherd, and last, but definitely not least, we have Hunter who is a Chaweenie. All of them are rescue dogs. We love our “kids” with all our hearts and make sure they are healthy and happy. We want to do the same for your four-pawed loved ones. We have owned, cared for, and loved dogs for over 40 years combined. We are certified in CPR and First Aid. Our goal: 20% of the proceeds from this business will go towards purchasing land to build a shelter for dogs. This shelter will have to be able to hold at least 20 or more dogs. We will rescue dogs that are currently in shelters and train them to be service dogs, dogs for the elderly, and PTSD patients. No kill!

Farm Punk Salads

A salad specific farm focusing on growing salad greens, seasonal salad veggies, herbs, and producing a line of salad dressing. Your one-stop-salad-shop.

Picasso’s Portland Picante

Picasso’s Portland Picante is the collaborative brainchild of Ivan and Ernesto Picasso. 10 years of trial and error and a complex crescendo of savory and subtle flavors cooperate to form our captivating salsa. Ivan is a father of two beautiful little girls and Ernesto is an outdoor adventure enthusiast. It was during Christmas of 2016 that Ivan asked Ernesto about starting a business that could support our family and community and the rest is how you say history. We humbly present our salsa to the great Pacific Northwest, enjoy.

Townshend’s Distillery

Townshend’s Distillery is a new project out of Portland’s own Townshend’s Tea Company. Our tea spirits are made entirely out of our distillery in Southeast Portland and are crafted from tea. We are committed to reinventing the classic tea culture to reflect our creative (albeit conveniently thirsty) corner of the North.

Trail Distilling

Located at the end of the Oregon Trail, Trail Distilling, Oregon Gin Distillery of the Year (New York International Spirits Competition), is a certified farm distillery and home of the First Distillery in the First City West of the Mississippi Since Prohibition. Trail Distilling produces the finest in premium spirits. Our award-winning products are handcrafted, beginning with clear Cascadian glacial water and naturally-harvested grains. Trail Distilling is a registered trademark of Trails End Spirits, LLC, a veteran and woman owned small business.

Utility Zero Waste

Utility Zero Waste sells body care and home care essentials in bulk so people can reduce the amount of plastic they use in their homes and buy safe and healthy products free of ingredients that harm human health and the environment.

Waywest Massage

At Waywest Massage our goal to provide you with the perfect combination of relaxation and pain relief during your massage. We are a resource in the community to decrease stress and manage pain. We love working in a way that allows our clients to thrive long after the massage is over.

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