About Us

The Woodlawn Neighborhood Farmers Market was born out of a neighborhood’s desire to connect residents with small, local farms, making fresh, affordable, and healthy food more accessible. With initial funding from the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, and support from the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association, Woodlawn School, and Self Enhancement, Inc. , the Woodlawn Neighborhood Farmers Market came to life in June of 2015.
We believe that farmers markets provide a gathering place for the community to celebrate the season’s harvest, connect with neighbors, friends, and farmers, and enjoy local music and educational opportunities. The Woodlawn Farmers Market is primarily made up of raw foods and select affordable value-added foods, and is designed to serve the needs of ALL residents, especially lower income individuals and families. Held in the parking lot of Woodlawn School adjacent to Woodlawn Park each Saturday morning throughout the summer and fall, we aim to:
  • Serve all residents of Woodlawn, Concordia, and Piedmont neighborhoods which do not currently have a market within walking distance.
  • Increase accessibility to fresh, local foods. With our central location, SNAP benefits acceptance, and future matching program (coming soon!) , all residents will be able to afford a range of healthy food options.
  • Increase leadership opportunities for local residents and youth. Through our partnership with Self Enhancement, Inc., the market will provide internship opportunities for at-risk post high school students. 
  • Provide educational programming in areas such as nutrition, gardening, cooking, and environmental sustainability. 
  • Provide more exposure and networking opportunities for local businesses, nonprofit organizations, producers, and musicians. 
At the Woodlawn Neighborhood Farmers Market, we strive to build a strong community and a thriving environment around a healthy, just, and accessible food system. In doing so, we hope to create mindful consumers that respect each other and our planet for generations to come.

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